Manicure Treatment

Manicure $15

Paraffin Manicure $25
With extra Paraffin wax treatment for stiff joints and dry hands.

Buff & Shine Manicure $20

Hot Cream Manicure $30
Manicure treatment with 10 min hand massage with hot cream.

Floris Spa Manicure $55
Exfoliate with natural scrub and deep hydration with botanical mask follow by
10 min hand massage with aroma oil.
 Includes warm paraffin treatment.

Soak Off Color Gel Polish $40
LED-Curved Gel Polish that lasts up to two weeks or more with manicure treatment.

Power Gel System Manicure $50 UPTO $65
(One Color-French)(SNS etc..)
Colored powder wear system that lasts up to two weeks or more. No Light to dry

Soaking & Taking Off Service $10 UPTO $20



Tip Set $60 UPTO $70

Powder Fill-In $40

Crystal UV Gel Set $95 UPTO $120
Gentle to skin and nails. No burns or odor. Strong but Flexible. Will not chip or wears
away and reduce lifting and checking. Crystal UV Gel is Non-porous and does not
cause mold or fungus permanently shiny & incredibly transparent. (We use LED Light)

French Crystal UV Gel set $110 UPTO $130

Crystal UV Gel Fill-In $60 UPTO $70

Crystal French UV Gel Fill-In $85 UPTO $95
**We Charge $10 Extra for unique shapes

Add On

French Polish $5

Soak Off French Gel $10

Soak Off Color Gel on Nail Enhancement $15

Soak Off Color Gel on Pedicure $25

Designs $3 UPTO $15 EACH

Reflexology Massage on Hand or Feet with Treatment
10 Min / $15.    15 Min/ $20.    25 Min / $30.     30 Min / $35.

Paraffin on Manicure Treatment $12

Paraffin on Pedi Heel $5

Change Polish $8 / Mani.      $15 / Pedi

Pedicure Treatment

We use disposable linings(Pedi Bowl), Foot Files, Files and Buffers for Individual Customers.
Our spa products are Paraben, Triclosan, Benzophenone, Ethanol FREE.

Pedicure $30
All in one individual package with different natural flavors and ingredients.

Hot Stone Pedicure $45
10min foot rub with Hot Stone

Lemon & Lime Spa Pedicure $55
Exfoliate with Lemon & Lime extracts to removes dead skin and hydrates with Mud and 10 min foot rub with Lemon and lime Aroma oil.

Bamboo Charcoal Spa Pedicure $65
Bamboo Charcoal blends exfoliate dead skins for deep cleansing.
Bamboo Charcoal Mask absorb bacteria, dirt, chemicals, poisons, and other impurities from the skin. 10 min foot rub with hydrating Bamboo Charcoal cream w/ Hot Stone.

Lavender Spa Pedicure $65
Natural Lavender blend scrubs exfoliating dry skin Lavender Mask softens, hydrates and refreshes the feet 10 min foot rub with Lavender Aroma Oil w/Hot Stone

Raspberry & Pomegranate Spa Pedicure $75
Pure mineral pomegranate silky powders soften skin, relax the general muscle and soothe aches pain. Raspberry scrub exfoliates and clears congested pores.
Raspberry mud soothes, stimulates, detoxifies and firms skin. 15min foot rub with pure Pomegranates hot massage oil with hot stone.

Green Tea Spa Pedicure $75
Exfoliate w/a blend of Green Tea and baking soda enriched with moisturizing and deodorizing ingredients. Green Tea mud softens, hydrates and refreshes the feet.
15min foot rub with Green Tea cream and Hot Stone.

Reflexology Spa Pedicure $75
Includes 20 min Oriental Foot rub with Lemon & Lavender or Bamboo Charcoal.

Floris Spa Pedicure $105
Rejuvenate feet and legs with our one of the best Spa Pedicure.
Special Foot Mask. Multivitamin and mineral complex treatment finishing.
25 min Foot rub with Hot Stone and Aroma Oil.

Change Polish $15

Callus Eliminator Treatment $15
All of the Spa pedicures include Callus eliminator treatment.

Reflexology Foot Massage WITHOUT PEDICURE
10 MIN / $20      15 MIN / $25      20 MIN / $30      30 MIN / $40

** Callus treatment and paraffin treatment on heels are included in every Spa Pedicure.

Kid’s Menu
Under 5 Years Old Mani-Pedi (M $8, P $15) $20
Under 11 Years Old Mani-Pedi (M $10, P $20) $25
Under 13 Years Old Mani-Pedi (M $10, P $25) $30
Free designs are included